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Experience the feeling of empowering children and young adults in a vulnerable situation and enjoy the magic of life in an authentic fishing village!

This magical dream project in a small village along the Pacific coast started in 2016 after a big earthquake hit Ecuador and left hundreds of people without a home.

The dream center’s -Community Library- mission is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable population – girls, teenagers and women.

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Don juan


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Dream center
In JAMA, ecuador

This magical dream project Community Library at the beach started in 2016 after the big 7.8 earthquake hit the Pacific coast of Ecuador. Hundreds of people died and thousands of people were left without a home.

The mission of this educational center is to improve the lives of the most vulnerable population – girls, teenagers and women through formal and informal educational programs.

With education in the Dream Center, volunteers can help children and (young) adults to improve their quality of life and to empower them so they can thrive and fulfill their dreams.

The educational programs succeed in eradicating violence; decrease adolescent pregnancy; promote gender equity; social organization; female leadership and environmental awareness. The library support increases school graduation and trains girls for skilled jobs and careers. Sports and arts programs open up a number of healthy opportunities to interact between genders.

Volunteers get the opportunity to live in a lovely authentic fisher’s village where there is a lot of scarcity; however, there is an abundance of happiness.

What is included?

    • Project donation
    • Orientation meeting
    • Local support volunteer coordinator
    • 13 nights Accommodation in a homestay
    • 3 meals per day (special diets on request)


What is NOT included?

  • Snacks and personal expenses
  • Transport to center in Manabí
  • Medical insurance (mandatory to confirm the reservation)


What to consider…

    • You MUST be fluent in Spanish
    • If you wish you can have a google meets conversation with the local project coordinator before your arrival. Just let us know and we will arrange it. 
    • Arrival airport: UIO
    • Projects starts on Mondays. 
    • Available all year round
    • Longer stays are possible
    • Wi-Fi
    • Maximum of 5 volunteers
    • Volunteers need to be disciplined, responsible, self-motivated, hardworking, flexible, patient, pro-active
    • The nearest medical center is 20 minutes away from the Center.
    • The closest ATM is 20 minutes away.o We recommend a weekly budget of U$ 30.


Some examples of the activities:

  • Showcase gender equality in your demeanor and interactions with others at all times.
  • Remedial reading, in Spanish, for children that are caught behind.
  • Homework assistance, in Spanish.
  • English teaching at the local school.
  • Organizing inclusive dynamics and games in the local school´s playground.
  •  Help maintain our organic garden
  • Help organizing activities that include: spots, art, music, theater
  • Reading English and Spanish books to and with the kids
  • Conversation with kids/teenagers about their dreams
  • Beach cleanups with the kids/teenagers
  • Create activities regarding recycle


On the first day, the Project Coordinator will show you around a community that had to rebuild itself from the rubble. The residents of Don Juan have organized to offer volunteers a series of workshops in which they impart their knowledge.

The volunteers will be part of the Intercultural Program: Knowledge Exchange. That is, if you come to teach us to sew, to recycle; if you know English or are coming to form a theater group; in exchange for your knowledge, the community will teach you how to: handle the machete, fish in an artisanal way, make starch bread or fish.

We believe all knowledge is useful and deserves equal recognition. Besides this, you will have an orientation meeting where general information about the activities during the following days will be provided. We will discuss your expectations, talents and passions and how you would want to use these as a volunteer and contribute to the project.

Now it is time to work… take into consideration that not all the days will be the same, so your activities will be defined depending on the daily needs, we count on your flexibility to help at the project.

At midday, you will have a three-hour break for lunch. This is a great opportunity for you to get to know the people of the community and their lives.

For the following days, the schedule is similar, working 5 hours a day, Monday thru Friday. The coordinator will indicate where you will be most needed, and of course if you have ideas, these are always welcome!!

Weekends are free, and if you need any further assistance to coordinate excursions or short escapes nearby, we are here to help.


The project is located in the lovely and authentic fisher’s village Don Juan in Jama.

The climate is tropical dry, has very low humidity and a nice sea breeze for 7 months of the year. The temperature varies from 21°C to 35°C depending on the time of the year.

There are some breathtaking beaches in Don Juan where you can enjoy your free time. You can also visit the impressive nature reserve of the Lalo Loor dry forest, go to the vibrant coastal village of Canoa or visit Manta. Take some time to enjoy the local food which is amazing!


Accommodation is in a homestay, living with an Ecuadorian family is a great way to be in total immersion with the language and culture.

All volunteers will have a private bedroom and a shared bathroom.

aboutdon juan

The project is located in the lovely and authentic fisher´s village Don Juan in Jama, located about 190km (5-hour drive) west of Quito, Ecuador’s capital.

While the town itself doesn’t have an access to the sea, it’s surroundings are full of beautiful beaches and breathtaking views from cliffs.

The project is set on what once was the ancestral Jama Coaque culture, an indigenous population from pre-colonial times that was considered to be one of the more advanced people in America due to its advanced techniques in pottery and metal work; and its influence can still be appreciated in the decorations of the town itself. Jama culture used to live off long distance trading by land or sea, which is still the main activity in the area.

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