Animal Rescue Center in Puyo

general overview

A unique experience in the jungle to taking care of injured animals, healing and feeding them until they are ready to return to nature.
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Puyo, Ecuador







Wildlife rescue center
In puyo, ecuador

This center was founded in 2006 with the aim of protecting the wildlife of the Amazon region through the rescue and rehabilitation of local flora and fauna. The animals at the center have all been abused, neglected, or abandoned. Some of the animals were orphaned when their parents were killed by hunters, others were rescued from animal dealers who were trying to traffic the animals out of the country and others have been removed from families who had kept these animals in captivity. Unfortunately, the majority have suffered some sort of physical or psychological abuse.

Some of the animals have been handed over to the care of the center by Government authorities who have rescued or taken custody of the animals; others have arrived at the center by voluntary means from families who realized that wild animals are not to be kept as domestic pets.
There are currently at least 40 different species of animals at the center which include: Ocelot, tayra, capibara, parrots, Red and Yellow Macaws, the Red Titi Monkey, White- bellied spider monkeys, tortoises, and caimans amongst others. The center is also open for tourists to visit, charging a small entrance fee that is the center’s only other source of income.
This project offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to work for and protect many wild animals whilst living in a beautiful part of the Amazon rainforest.

What is included?

  • Project donation
  • Orientation meeting
  • Local support
  • 13 nights accommodation in dorms at the project
  • 3 meals a day, coffee tea and water from Monday morning to Saturday Morning. During the rest of the week end you can use the kitchen or head to one of Puyo’s restaurants


What is NOT included?

  • Meals
  • Transport to the project
  • Medical insurance (mandatory to confirm the reservation)


What to consider…

  • Projects starts on Mondays.
  • Located 15 minutes by car from Puyo. 
  • Available all year round
  • Longer stays are possible
  • Poor WiFi
  • Work can be physically demanding
  • Maximum of 17 volunteers at the same time
  • Tetanus, Hepatitis A and B vaccines are highly recommended
  • The project is located in the amazon, with a humid and hot climate and a lot of rain. Working under these conditions is tough. Volunteers need to be responsible, disciplined, hardworking, motivated, and able to work in a team, flexible, patient, and pro-active. 


  • Day to day care of the animals.
  • Cutting up fruit, preparation of diets, feeding the animals.
  • Helping new arrivals adjust to the center.
  • General maintenance and cleaning.
  • Construction work; repairing and building new enclosures.
  • Cage and enclosure enrichment.
  • Assisting the vet when necessary.
  • Other activities such as gardening, improving trails, making signs for visitors.



On the first day, you will have an orientation meeting where the activities during the following days will be provided. We will also discuss expectations and what talents and passions you have and want to use as a volunteer to contribute to the project, so we make sure that your time in the project makes an impact for the project and yourself.

Now is time to work… understand that not all the days will be the same, so your activities will be defined depending on the daily needs, we count on your flexibility to help at the project.

At midday, you will have a break for lunch, which is served at the project from Monday to Friday. In the afternoon, you will continue with your duties until around 5pm. The rest of the day is free for you to enjoy.

For the following days, the schedule is similar, working from 8am to 5pm from Monday to Friday . The coordinator will indicate you where you will be most needed, and of course if you have ideas, these are always welcome!!

On Saturdays or Sundays, once every two weeks, volunteers work for a few hours in the morning feeding animals. The rest of the weekend days are free and for you to enjoy.


After volunteering, volunteers can relax, read a book in a hammock, play several board/card games, or go to Puyo (15 minutes by car), or to Baños (1:20 hours approx. by bus) to have fun and extreme sports. Banos is a popular local touristic town with thermal baths close to the active volcano Tungurahua, a lot of places for dancing, canopy, mountain biking, waterfalls, rafting, canoying. Also possible to go to jungle town Tena (2 hours) for a jungletour.


There are volunteer cabañas with dorm rooms offering space for up to 17 people in total. There is a shared kitchen, bathroom and social area with TV and DVD player, hammocks, and books. Accommodation is basic and it is your duty to keep your living area clean.

about puyo

Puyo is a laid-back jungle town and from here it is possible to make great jungle trips. It belongs to the Pastaza province and is easily accessible coming from Baños. It is an important place in Ecuador, because of its strategic geographical position. Puyo is the beginning of the route E30 that lead to the highlands. In the past and nowadays, this road is important to commercialize the products from the Amazon like cacao beans and yucca, to the highlands or to the Pacific Coast and vice versa. Puyo has many native tribes like Waoranis, Kichwas, Zapara and Shuars. The Zapara tribe (in Ecuador and Perú) was recognized by UNESCO as a masterpiece of the “Intangible Heritage of Humanity” for their cultural manifestations and its oral traditions.

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