Community Work in La Boquilla

general overview

Although exclusive hotels and luxurious apartments are also located in La Boquilla, there is a marked contrast between the part where people have invested the most and the part where its inhabitants have been forgotten by the government and have to subsist mainly on fishing. In La Boquilla some local people started some projects to create a better life and future for the community and their environment. There is a music and dance project, an environment project with local fishers, cleaning mangroves and beach from plastic mingas, planting mangroves project, sport project, women empower project. But when you have other talents and/or passions as a volunteer, let us know and our local volunteer coordinator will develop the space that you can focus and create a project based on what you want to share and support. The local volunteer coordinator speaks English and German.

la boquilla-cartagena, colombia


basic/medium spanish needed


minimum 18 YEARS OLD

What is included?

  • Project donation
  • Orientation meeting
  • 24/7 Local Volunteer coordinator emergency contact by Phone / Mail / WhatsApp
  • 20 nights accommodation in homestay with private space (kitchen and living room)
  • Follow up online (mindfulness) meetings
  • One additional local experience

What is NOT included?

  • Meals (they can be included upon request)
  • Transfer from Cartagena airport to accommodation (can be included upon request)
  • Transfer to the airport in Cartagena on the last day (can be included upon request)
  • Flights
  • Medical insurance
  • Personal expenses


What to consider…

  • Work starts on Mondays; you need to be in La Boquilla the Sunday before and ends on Saturday
  • It is important that you are independent and proactive
  • Longer stay is available upon request, bear in mind that 3 months is the valid time for the volunteer´s visa
  • Available all year round, except the projects that work with kids that close during school holidays, the dates are: o December, all schools close from the 24th until January the 6th o Easter (dates to be confirmed every year) o Summer, from the last week of June the second week of September o Other national holidays (Please refer to the holidays
  • Max of 4 volunteers at the same time (on request more volunteers possible)
  • Basic/Medium level of Spanish is needed to respond some tasks and to interact with locals
  • Travel/Health insurance is highly recommended
  • We recommend a weekly budget of 90 USD for meals, tours and motor taxis (cool experience) to go to the projects (each way cost between COP 2.000 and COP 3.000, less than a dollar). All the projects are located between 10 – 20 minutes’ walk from the accommodation.
  • Work can be physically and/or psychological demanding sometimes.
  • Volunteers need to be disciplined, responsible, self-motivated, hardworking, pro-active flexible, patient,
  • To work in the projects with kids you should have an insurance against risks and accidents, this can be purchased locally with your Project coordinator and the price is around 1 USD per day.
  • We need a police record from you and a motivation letter


  • Music and dance project. Drumming Workshops, African Heritage Workshops, Parades and Cabildos (representatives of the community). In this project you can also help with drum manufacturing.
  • Women empower project. Coconut Workshop and Community Work. Some of the activities you can do in this project are: Help to update their social networks where they sell the products made of coconut and help in making process of bracelets, earrings, bags and other products.
  • Center of stray dogs and cats. In this project you can help washing all the animals, feeding them, adoption processes, socialization, and awareness talks.
  • Environment project. Cleaning plastic in Mangroves, cleaning beaches from plastic, planting Mangroves, how to recycle materials activities, etc.
  • Sport project. Support local sport initiatives as football, yoga, sumba classes.
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of young people, awareness and prevention of psychoactive substances, development schools for parents, care of children with craft workshops and talks with games to sensitize 35 children and 30 young people.
  • Children of church, where you can help to prepare and distribute lunch for the kids.
  • Work with the children of La Boquilla, between 3 and 12 years old. Through education and support of the youngest members of La Boquilla, you will help to increase opportunities in this marginalized neighborhood. You can also teach English, music, art, drama or other things to the children, and organize games and practice sports.
  • Life Center for elderly people which organizes doctors’ physiotherapists’ and days, domino games, breakfasts and lunches, walks, reading sessions, talks and much more. In the center you can organize and participate in the activities for the elders.

    When you arrive in Cartagena, take a taxi to Boquilla. Boquilla is around 15 minutes’ drive from the center of Cartagena. Once you’ve settled in your new home you can enjoy beach live and explore the neighborhood. On Monday, an introduction morning with our volunteer coordinator. Who will explain you all the ins and outs of Boquilla and will discuss you working schedule for the first week. The coordinator will indicate you where you will be most needed, and of course if you have ideas, these are always welcome!!
    The rest of the week you will assist to the designated projects. The working schedule will be arranged by the Project Coordinator. Depending on your interest and disposal you could work 4, 6, or 8 hours per day from Monday to Friday. Weekends and national holidays (in case there are any during your stay) are free. And remember we have one surprise activity prepared for you. The coordinator will give you the details.


    During your free time you can enjoy the beach in La Boquilla, you can visit Cartagena’s old center on your own or do an optional activity such as:

    • City tour by bike: Enjoy a guided city tour by bicycle through the historical center (the walled city) and Getsemaní.
    • Visit the Rosario Islands: Located off the coast of Cartagena, at 100 Km you will find the Rosario Islands. An archipelago made of 28 islands approx. in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. You can visit one of the islands relax on the white sand beaches, bath in the crystal waters and enjoy a lunch full of Caribbean flavors.
    • Bay tour of Cartagena: Savor the warm, calm waters of the Bay of Cartagena and enjoy the breathtaking sunset in the Caribbean over the downtown area and the historic center of the city. With a cocktail in your hand and the fresh breeze in your hair you can enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere at its best.
    • Kitesurf in La Boquilla: On the Kite Beach, our kite school staff will be waiting to teach you the basics of one of the coolest and funniest water sports in the world. Kite, SUP, windsurfing and surf lessons are offered. The courses take place in private lessons or in a group. If you already know how to kite, surf or SUP, you can borrow the equipment at the school.
    • Street food tour in the old center: The 2-hour tour will get you up close and personal with the real Cartagena as the street sellers fill our bellies with their delicacies and warm our hearts with their hospitality.
    • You can book the optional activities on spot with Coordinator.
    • Taxis from la Boquilla to the old
      center costs around COP25.000 (USD
      6 approx.)


    The accommodation is in an apartment in the Project Coordinator’s house, or in a hostel close by. In the apartment there is a kitchen, living room, AC, Wifi, shared bathroom(s) and a terrace, and only 2 minuts walk to the beach. You will be sharing the apartment with other volunteers. your Project You can cook by yourself, eat in one of the local restaurants or book meals included by the reservation.
    You will be is located 10 – 20 minutes walking distance to the projects. But you can also take a motor taxi (around USD $0,60), which is a cool experience because the streets are on the beach.

    about cartagena

    This city overflows with romanticism and is shrouded in history from when the Spanish first discovered gold in the tombs of Sinu to the five dreadful sieges on the city by pirates in the 16th century, including the most famous (or infamous) one which was led by Sir Francis Drake!
    The city is perfect to just stroll around and soak up the relaxing and sensual atmosphere.
    La Boquilla is a community of Afro-descendants dedicated mostly to tourism and fishing, and is in what could be called the “entrance” of the Ciénaga de la Virgen.
    The average temperature in Cartagena and La Boquilla is 27°C.