Community Work & Spanish School

general overview

Help  supporting the vulnerable youth of Granada with the opportunity of  learning Spanish during this incredible experience.

This is a project that gives before and after school and educational shelter, to underprivileged and at-risk local youth in the age of 7 to 20 years old. It is also the home of Granada’s premier Spanish Language School and hub for cultural exchange. The children who receive support at this non-profit organization must be in school and their parents must be committed in supporting their children’s educational path to a brighter future. As a volunteer you can be of great help assisting the children with their homework, giving hygienic education, among other activities, and of course giving the children lot’s of motivation and attention.

The center helps around 30 children, divided over the primary school group and the adolescents group. Some come in the morning and others in the afternoon. All children receive a nutritious lunch at the center and they have to brush their teeth afterwards. The aim is to stress the cycles of poverty and violence, and forge positive change in their lives, their families and their surrounding communities. The children are then provided with scholarships to obtain the best possible
education at primary, secondary and university level, all learning materials, homework support, reading and writing, English classes, arts and crafts, sports, games, excursions as well as recreational activities. The project also creates workshops around subjects such as team-work and leadership training, gender equality etc. You can also share your talent with creating a workshop, ideas are welcome!

Nearly all of the necessary funding for this program is achieved from the money received through the Spanish classes given to foreign students, so both through dedicated volunteer work as well as taking Spanish classes, you are helping to guarantee a brighter future for these local “chavalos”.

granada, nicaragua


intermediate spanish needed


minimum 18 YEARS OLD

What is included?

    • Pre-departure online (mindfulness)
    •  Arrival airport transfer
    • Project donation
    • Orientation meeting
    • Local support volunteer coordinator
    • 14 nights accommodation at
      homestay (private room with shared
    • Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
    • Transportation between homestay
      and school by taxi or bicycle
    • Day tour to the Laguna de Apoyo
      crater lake (hike and swim tour)
    • Cooking Class
    • Follow up online (mindfulness)
    • For the Volunteer and Spanish
      Program only: HD Spanish lessons (so
      volunteer work half of the day and
      Spanish class on the other half
      (otherwise HD at leisure)

What is NOT included?

  • Departure airport transfer
  • Personal expenses
  • Medical insurance


What to consider…

  • Arrival airport: MGA
  • Passengers need to be in Granada on
    Sunday to start working on Monday
    (if arriving earlier, we can book extra
    homestay nights for you)
  • Available all year round (except for
    second week of December till second
    week of January, Easter and two
    weeks holidays for the kids in July).
    Weekends and National Holidays off
  • Longer stays are possible
  • Wi-Fi at the project, not at homestay
  • Work can be psychologically
  • Intermediate Spanish is needed to
    volunteer with the primary school
    children, Advanced level of Spanish
    to work with the adolescent group.
  • We can book Spanish classes at the
    project for you, if your level isn’t
    sufficient. A Spanish Placement Test
    would need to be done.


  • Giving the children positive and safe attention.
  • Support children with their homework (children are often behind at school or have parents who are not capable of helping them at home so volunteers are a great help, especially if you have experience in a specific academic
  • Make fun activities with the children and teenagers with sport, art, music etc.
  • Teaching / assisting in the teaching of English classes
  • Leading / assisting at workshops
  • Prepare recreational activities to be carried out when the children finish their homework or during their breaks
  • Assist in hygiene education such as hand washing and brushing teeth
  • Anything that may arise, e.g. taking someone to a doctor’s appointment or dentist


Upon arrival in Granada, you will settle in with your host family. You will receive information on how to go to the project (walking distance, or by bike or taxi) on the first working day, on Monday (unless there’s a National Holiday). On Monday, once you arrive at the project, you will have an orientation meeting to discuss the rules of the project, and be provided with general information about the activities during the following days. It is also discussed what the expectations are and what talents and passions you want to use as a volunteer to contribute to the project with the aim that your time in the project makes an impact for the project and yourself. It is therefore best if prior to arrival, you already think about activities that you can contribute to the kids, such as: arts and crafts, sports, games from your country, health presentations, a presentation about the country you come from or anything else you may be interested or passionate about sharing. **Be aware that if your activity requires specific materials, you would please need to bring them with you.

Now it’s time to work… please take into account that not all days will be the same, so your activities will be defined depending on the daily needs. But mainly consist in being active with the chavalos (as the local children are called) on both academic and social activities around 4 hours a day, in the morning or in the afternoon. It will usually be 3 to 5 volunteers working together and there are usually also plenty of foreign students attending the Spanish classes. We count on your flexibility to help at the project. Around noon, you will go back to your host family home for lunch and in the afternoon volunteers who do a combination of
volunteering with Spanish, will assist to their Spanish classes or, if not, they would have the rest of the day free to enjoy the city or to participate in optional excursions that the school offers as well. Working the entire day as a volunteer is also an option (depending on your level of Spanish). For the following days, the schedule is similar, working from 8am to 12pm (or 1pm to 5pm) from Monday to Friday. The coordinator will indicate you where you will be most needed, and of course if you have ideas, these are always welcome!! Organization and the pace at which things run may be very different to what you are used to, but please take into account that these are cultural differences that you should respect. Don’t get frustrated, be patience, and see this as an opportunity, and please be an example of appropriate behavior at all times. Each and every volunteer is a role model to the children, and your behavior will be mirrored by them. Your volunteer work is extremely valuable and can make extraordinary impacts, engaging the children in new cultures, learning them different values, languages, games, educacional insights and many others.

Show initiative that you are willing to work hard, be happy and motivated and you will
feel the warmth and positive energy of the chavalos. It awakens the inner child in you and this way you will get the most out of your time as a volunteer.


Granada is by far the city that receives most tourists in Nicaragua. This is because of its colonial charm, easy going atmosphere and the eclectic mix of locals and foreigners alike. When in Granada, climb the Merced Church. From its bell tower you have a beautiful panoramic view. The isletas (tiny islands) in Lake Nicaragua are also not to be missed. Head down to the lake by bike and hop on a small boat tour, to experience the flora and fauna and tranquil local lifestyle of the lake. Around Granada there are also great things to do. Visit the epic Masaya volcano on a (night) tour, to see the burning magma. Enjoy the town of Masaya, famous for its traditional handicrafts market. During the weekends you can go to the volcano island of Ometepe, head to the Pacific beaches of San Juan del Sur or visit the historical and university city of Leon. With a unique opportunity to head to the Cerro Negro for volcano boarding on the black sand slopes.


The accommodation is with a host family (private room with shared bathroom w/ cold water shower). Get to the project by bike or taxi (included). Wi-Fi is usually not available.

Towels and 3 meals a day are included.

about grenada

Granada, is believed to be the second oldest city established in mainland Latin America by the Spanish conquest . Its historic downtown is characterized by bright colored Spanish-colonial architecture, and the ambiance is very pleasant with a wide array of nice restaurants and bars, especially along the boulevard from the central park to the shores of the Lake of Nicaragua.