Wild life rescue & conservation programs

Latin America is home to a mind-boggling variety of colourful and beautiful wildlife, from tiny hummingbirds to sea turtles, rainbow toucans, sloths and monkeys. From the treetops to the waves, you’ll find seriously fabulous creatures of all shapes and sizes. However, life isn’t always simple for these native animals. Many suffer the side-effects of human development, getting caught up in telephone wires, hit by cars or attacked by street dogs. Others are confiscated by government bodies after poachers attempt to smuggle them across borders – and fail.

Volunteering in Latin America, you’ll lend a hand to keep the incredible wildlife alive and kicking. You’ll work with projects founded by incredible individuals passionate about protecting animals. Operating without any government funding, these projects struggle for money every month, so your time and your money will make a real difference. You can nurse rescued and orphaned primates back to health, help release animals into their natural habitat once they have recovered, patrol isolated tropical beaches to protect the native sea turtles and learn all about conservation across the continent.

Costa Rica, Carribean –

Wild life rescue centre

Work with rescued, mistreated and injured animals on Costa Rica’s laid-back Caribbean coastline, where reggae music fills the air and surfers line up on the horizon. Based just 4km from Puerto Viejo, a traveler hangout with a bohemian vibe, where tie-dye rules and Creole street food sizzles, you’ll help to rehabilitate the animals and re-introduce them to their natural habitat in a controlled, safe manner.

Costa Rica, Arenal –

Wildlife rescue centre

Care for rescued animals, learn Spanish and stay at a welcoming homestay at the same time, volunteering for this inspiring project tucked away in the mountains of Costa Rica. Dedicated to wildlife protection, environmental conservation and meaningful cultural exchanges through education, it’s a wonderful place to lend a hand for a few weeks.

Costa Rica, Tortuguero –

Turtle conservation

Help protect the native sea turtles of Costa Rica, learn Spanish and get a huge dose of Caribbean sunshine at the same time. This non-profit organization is run by volunteers for volunteers, so it needs all the help it can get. Its sole mission is keeping the sea turtles safe and finding a way for the locals and turtles to live together in harmony.