Why volunteer in

Latin America

Volunteering is a way to travel with real meaning. Affordable,  authentic and eye-opening, it helps to build bridges between communities from all across the world. You’ll meet incredibly inspiring people, experience completely new cultures and, little by little, help to make the world a better place. Not only will you be working to educate and empower people from all kinds of communities, you’ll learn a whole lot about yourself at the same time. You’ll visit incredible places, pick up new skills and feel part of something packed with heart. In this sense, volunteering is about learning as much as it is teaching. It connects people all across the planet, building tolerance and understanding between different cultures. That’s what makes it so special.

Everyone is completely different, which is one of the most wonderful things about our world. We’ll help you follow your own path by matching you to a project that reflects your own values and passions. Spend your days playing with kids in the favelas of Rio, nurse injured primates back to health in the tropical forests of Costa Rica, help to empower an isolated jungle community in Colombia or lend at hand at an urban eco-garden in Buenos Aires. The work can be tough and you may find yourself facing challenges situations, but each one will help you to grow. The rewards that you’ll reap will be worth your effort one million times over. You’ll come home looking at the planet with a new pair of eyes.

Making a difference one drop at a time

Make a difference in Latin America, changing the world one drop at a time.

  • Travel with meaning and give something back whilst following your own passions.
  • Bring hope to struggling communities and build bridges between cultures.
  • Become part of a real community, seeing beyond the surface of your location and getting a deeper understanding of the struggles faced by locals every day.
  • Little by little, your own personal contribution will help create a stepping stone towards a better tomorrow.
  • Help spark social change, working as part of an inspiring, unstoppable team.
  • Get some true perspective and appreciate just how lucky you are in your own life.
  • Learn as much from the local people as you teach.Come home with more global understanding and an open-minded world view.


Travel off the beaten track and immerse


Get off the beaten track and become part of a real community.

  • Leave the backpacker trail far behind you and a become part of something meaningful.
  • Immerse yourself in community life, getting to know the locals and understanding their struggles.
  • See beyond the tourist sugar-coating of cities to the true reality of daily life.
  • Spend time in smaller, traditional villages tucked away from the traveler route.
  • Feel the buzz of adventure whilst building brighter futures for the next generation.
  • Learn from inspiring, passionate project leaders and ever-optimistic, welcoming local people.
  • Feel part of a global family working towards social and environmental change.
  • Broaden your understanding of different cultures whilst broadening the horizons of others.
  • Travel in a way that makes a lasting, beautiful impact on the world.


Grow personally and professionaly

Take a big step towards personal and professional growth.

  • Pick up all kinds of transferable new skills.
  • Learn to adapt calmly to all sorts of new situations, environments and changes.
  • Meet and appreciate very different people by living and working in a real community with other volunteers.
  • Go way beyond your comfort zone, face new challenges and build your own confidence.
  • Come home with  broader, deeper understanding of social struggles across the world.
  • Do something that touches your own heart, as well as the hearts of others. Get a life-changing experience that will clear your perspective and help you figure out what comes next.
  • Prove you can thrive in unconventional setting, something that will shine through on your resume.
  • Learn a great deal about your own personal strengths and force of character.

Learn a foreign language


Brush up on your Spanish or Portuguese – or learn the language from scratch!

  • Advance really quickly, talking to locals all day long and living in the community.
  • Communicate with people from all walks of life and learn about their unique experiences.
  • Take language classes around your volunteering hours, giving you the best of both worlds.
  • Completely immerse yourself in your new surroundings.
  • Come home with excellent new language skills that will stand out on your CV.