Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a diverse land of tropical rainforests, smoking volcanoes and pristine coastline. Its compact size makes it great for exploring by car, giving you the freedom to stop where and when you want to. The country boasts some of the most diverse wildlife on the planet, much of which can be seen up-close in Costa Rica´s many natural reserves. If you visit at the right time of year (and get up early enough!) you´ll get to see baby leatherback turtles hatching by moonlight, migrating whales, dolphins and all types of tropical bird species.  With wetlands, coastline, rain forests and cloud forests to explore, there are so many fascinating sights and sounds to be discovered. Adventurers will find all sorts of ways to experience Costa Rica´s great outdoors, from horse riding and hiking to white-water rafting and surfing.

One of the best ways to see the country´s forest wildlife is by canopying, an activity pioneered right here in Costa Rica which can be enjoyed in two ways. The adrenalin-charged version, known as zip-lining, sees you flying through the tree tops in a specially designed harness (check our video for a little taste), whereas Sky Walking lets you take things a little slower as you walk across hanging bridges high in the jungle branches.

With a Pacific and a Caribbean coastline, Costa Rica will satisfy any need for a little beach time. Surfers will find the best breaks on the wild Nicoya Peninsula while the warm waters of the Caribbean and the coastline’s laid-back towns are great for all out relaxing. Costa Rica´s coastal waters are crystal clear and are home to living reefs and a kaleidoscope of colorful tropical fish, making snorkeling here an absolute must. Costa Rica offers a striking diversity of natural wonders to discover and some of the happiest and most welcoming people in the world to show you around!

Volunteer programs and student group tours in Costa Rica

Wildlife Rescue Center – Caribbean

Work with rescued, mistreated and injured animals on Costa Rica’s laid-back Caribbean coastline, where reggae music fills the air and surfers line up on the horizon.


Wildlife Rescue Center – Arenal

Care for rescued animals, learn Spanish and stay at a welcoming homestay at the same time, volunteering for this inspiring project tucked away in the mountains of Costa Rica.


Turtle Conservation – Carribean

This non-profit organization is run by volunteers for volunteers, so it needs all the help it can get. Its sole mission is keeping the sea turtles safe and finding a way for the locals and turtles to live together in harmony.


Student tours – Wildlife & Action

Take a walk on the wild side during this 9-day trip to Costa Rica, a natural playground for animal lovers and adventure seekers. You will visit San Jose & surroundings, Rincon de la Vieja, Monteverde and manual Antonio


Student Tours – Pure Nature

Escape to the misty cloud forests, fiery volcanoes and tropical beaches of Costa Rica on this week-long trip that will take you straight back to nature. You will volunteer at a turtle program, visit the volcano of Arenal, the forest of Monteverde and the pristine beaches of Manuel Antonio.


Safety &


Costa Rica is a safe and peaceful place, but as when traveling anywhere, practicing common-sense is the best way to avoid petty crime and stay safe. Remember to lock your car, keep your luggage in sight and wear a money belt or cross-shoulder bag to avoid theft.
As most of your time will be spent exploring Costa Rica’s natural wonders, visitors should always maintain a healthy respect for nature. Pay attention to warning signs and safety advice from your guides or locals, do not stray off of marked trails in national parks and be especially careful when swimming, taking note of any warnings and watching where locals swim.


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Costa Rica is a tropical country which thrives on rain and sun, both of which are ever-present throughout the year. Despite, the climate can be divided roughly into a wet and dry season and both have their advantages when it comes to the best time to travel. The wetter and greener months are generally from May to November when showers come in short, drenching down pours throughout the day, and are heaviest between September and October. The dry season runs roughly from mid December to April when temperatures  hover at around 27C-80F, with variations in the Caribbean coast which has its dry season rather in September and October. Through still affected by the seasons, at the Caribbean coast is generally sunny and the Central Highlands cool all year-round.



Costa Rica is a small country which really packs it in when it comes to geographical diversity. It is a great destination to explore, journeys only take between 2 to max 6 hours and shuttle buses or public busses are both affordable and available between almost all places