This fascinating land with its intriguing history has kept the world under its spell for a long time due to the political situation. Times have changed however and Colombia has now put itself firmly on the map as a tourist destination. Safety has returned to its streets, hope and trust have been restored in its people and the country is now referred to as the undiscovered gem of South America!

Colombia really offers something for all travel tastes with its interesting mix of history, culture, beauty and adventure. Tropical and idyllic coastlines with white sand and palms, lush colorful jungle, deserts with special rock formations, dramatic snow-peaked mountains and rainforests; the Colombian landscapes are stunning and have it all. For those that are more interested in culture, Colombia is home to over 87 different indigenous groups and hosts a myriad of beautiful and romantic colonial cities that seem to have stopped in time.

Colombians are friendly, very hospitable and genuinely proud of the fact that more and more foreigners are coming to visit their country now. Colombia offers a striking diversity of people and indigenous cultures, but all of them have something in common: they will be more than happy to show you around!


Volunteer programs and student group tours in Colombia


Student tours – Discover Colombia

Get to grips with behind-the-scenes Colombia during this whirlwind 12-day adventure, exploring Bogota, the Coffee triangle, Medellin and fairy tale Cartagena


Community Volunteering – Ipauratu / Barranquila

Lend a vital hand in a remote indigenous community in Colombia, living on a local finca (farm) and teaching disadvantaged kids.


Community volunteering – Cartagena

This project is all about educating the next generation of Colombia. Based in libraries scattered across the poorer areas of Cartagena, it gives underprivileged kids a chance to improve their literacy skills, broaden their horizons and brighten their futures.



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“The only risk is wanting to stay”, the slogan with which Colombia was put back on the world’s tourism map, embraces a turbulent past with a new hope and optimism about the future. Colombia is filled to the brim with outstandingly beautiful and culturally vibrant places to visit, and its incredibly friendly people are keen to throw off the shackles of Colombia’s tainted past and show the world that the future is bright, safe and full of opportunity.

Of course visitors to the country should not be naïve and remain alert, as everywhere else. Keep your eyes open and realize that not everybody is as lucky as you are and if you get too comfortable someone may be tempted to relieve you from that camera or backpack. As in many other countries, there are still some risks and areas that you should avoid.


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Colombia has very constant and tropical, temperatures throughout the whole year because of its location near the Equator. However, depending on the city and the region you are visiting, temperatures range between 15 and 35 °C (59 °F – 95 °F). The country can be visited year round, but climates depend on the different geographical zones: tropical rainforests, savannas, deserts, steppes and mountains. You can experience completely different climates by just traveling a few hours. Averagely speaking however, Colombia knows two seasons: dry and wet. The wet season, although varying per zone, is from April to November.



Colombia is a large and mountainous country, which makes land travel a beautiful, but sometimes strenuous way to get to know her. Luckily for those with less time or need for road tripping, both Avianca and Lan have scheduled flights between all major cities. Next to this the public transportation network is well developed in the Coffee Region, fly-drives are a good option in several areas and airport shuttles and transfers are well-organized throughout the country. All in all, whether you like taking the wheel yourself or prefer to be chauffeured from place to place (or a mix of both!), Colombia is ready to be discovered by you…