A country the size of a continent, Brazil is a vast and beautiful land of diverse cultures and fantastical landscapes. With mile upon mile of tropical beaches and the immensity of the Amazon, Brazil continues to capture the imaginations of anyone lucky enough to travel to her breathtaking shores. Thundering waterfalls, crystal clear rivers, the amazing diversity of the Pantanal and vibrant cities that pulse to the rhythms of Samba and Bossa Nova are only the beginning of what incredible Brazil has to offer.

Volunteer programs and student group tours in Brazil

Community Volunteering – Rio de janeiro

Volunteer amongst the high-spirited residents of one of Rio de Janeiro’s largest favelas, helping with community education, inspiring hope and broadening horizons.



& Health

Brazil is generally safe but there are pickpockets, especially in the bigger cities. Be sensible, as you would anywhere in the world. Remember you are foreign and so you will stick out already. Don’t wear eye-catching jewelry or flash expensive cameras, laptops or smartphones around. Don’t venture into unsafe areas. If traveling by bus, don’t leave your belongings unattended.

For visitors who have been in transit over the past three months, or who are coming from certain countries (please check this with your consulate) an International Certificate of Vaccination against yellow fever is required. The yellow fever vaccine is also recommended for all national and international visitors who intend to visit the following Brazilian states: Acre, Amazonas, Amapá, Federal District, Goiás, Maranhão, Mato Grosso do Sul, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins


to go

There’s always a good time to travel to a country the size of Brazil. December to March is holiday season but this doesn’t mean this is the best or only time to visit. Prices are higher, accommodation and transport are much busier, but it is also the best time to see those festivals! Booking ahead is advised, especially if visiting for Carnaval in mid-February to mid-March or for Easter.

The Amazon is best avoided between January and May, and the Pantanal between October and April as the rainy season makes travel difficult. The beaches of the Northeast have their rainy season between April and July, and the South gets colder in the winter months of June to August, but even so, during these periods you will encounter many beautiful, cloudless days. So, tell us when you know your preferred travel dates; we’ll let you know where to go!



Brazil is BIG; the biggest country in Latin America. The distances that you’ll need to travel if you want to see all of its incredible sights are pretty hefty. For that reason most people take an internal flight or two in order to save time and avoid lengthy road travel. Check with your agent the possibilities of purchasing an air-pass together with your international ticket, this can safe you some dollars.

Around the mayor cities and destinations there are good roads, comfortable buses and reliable taxis and transfers. All in all Brazil is pretty easy to travel through.