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Do I need a visa

Many nationalities do not require visas to visit South America. However we recommend to always check with the embassy in your country if a visa applies for a tourist visa. For Brazil, US residents will need to pay a 100 USD entry, that will remain valid for 1 year.


Vaccinations are a personal decision. Check with your doctor as to what is recommended for the country you are volunteering in so you can make an informed choice.

take into account the above. The most commonly recommended vaccines are: Rabies, Yellow Fever and Tetanus. Yellow fever is not present in Costa Rica or in Brazil, but both countries request a yellow fever certificate, depending if you travel from a country where yellow fever exists (like Peru, Colombia and Ecuador)

Do I need working experience to join a project?

Most of our projects are open to unqualified volunteers who go through an orientation program on arrival to prepare them for project work. Our volunteers must have passion, an open mind and a willingness to learn, participate and contribute.

What happens in case of a medical emergency?

All of our projects are located close medical institutions and the project teams are equipped to deal with all situations and have strict protocols in place to do so.

In the event of a serious illness or accident, each volunteer will be covered by their insurance policy, which is why we require all volunteers to have adequate insurance which includes repatriation.

Contact with the home front

Communication in Latin America and in the locations of our projects is not the same as it is back home – it can sometimes be slow and difficult. Each project will indicate in case the location is remote and has difficulties to connect to the internet.

Most of our projects have internet connections available (although depending on the location, this could be intermittent). Volunteers can also purchase local SIM cards for their mobile phones at most destinations.

What happens to my fee in case i have already paid and then have to cancel my trip

For all projects there is a non refundable fee of 100 USD. You will pay for your trip only 6 weeks prior to arrival. In case you cancel after 6 weeks prior to your arrival the following cancellation fees apply:

cancel from 6 weeks to 4 weeks prior to arrival: 20%

4 weeks to 3 weeks: 30%

3 weeks to 2 weeks: 50%

2 weeks or less no refund

If you want to avoid any cancellation cost, we recommend you in any case to purchase a cancellation insurance

Who will organize my flights?

You do. Once you have confirmed your volunteer placement and are ready to book your flights we can put you in touch with our travel partner who can provide you with access to preferred airfare pricing and personalized service.

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