Community volunteering

Help pave the way to brighter futures, create opportunities and build bridges between communities in Latin America, volunteering with social projects that inspire hope all over the continent. Help kit adults out with English and professional skills, teach orphaned street kids, build community eco-gardens in urban centres and help spark social change in the favelas of Rio. Whether you choose to work with an isolated jungle community in Colombia or lend a hand in the poorer barrios of Buenos Aires, you’ll be making a difference where it really matters.

Volunteering with community project in Latin America is something inspiring, challenging and often heartbreaking. You’ll learn as much as you teach, meet incredible people from all walks of life and get a behind-the-scenes understanding of the hurdles faced by families and kids all across the continent. All of our projects are run by passionate individuals with big hearts and little (or no) outside funding. Without volunteers like you, they would simply not survive, so every second of your time will be appreciated. You’ll come home wiser, stronger and full of love for Latin America.

Argentina, Buenos Aires –

Community service

Help spark meaningful social change in Buenos Aires, working with a huge range of inspiring community development projects from child services to human rights and poverty relief. You’ll play a direct role in improving living conditions across the poorer areas of the city, becoming a part of the change yourself and learning from the people of Buenos Aires at the same time. It’s an eye-opening, challenging and rewarding opportunity in one of the world’s most spellbinding cities.

Brazil, Rio –

Community service

Volunteer amongst the high-spirited residents of one of Rio de Janeiro’s largest favelas, helping with community education, inspiring hope and broadening horizons. Teach English, lead sports programs, lend a hand with urban gardening, help empower the local women or work in a daycare center for little kids. These communities are in desperate need of all kinds of support, so you’re bound to find something that matches your own skill sets and passions.

Colombia, Cartagena –

Children literacy program

This project is all about educating the next generation of Colombia. Based in libraries scattered across the poorer areas of Cartagena, it gives underprivileged kids a chance to improve their literacy skills, broaden their horizons and brighten their futures. Cartagena is a fairytale city of cheerful-coloured colonial houses and tumbling bougainvillea encased within ancient city walls.

Colombia, Ipauratu –

Community service and child support

Lend a vital hand in a remote indigenous community in Colombia, living on a local finca (farm) and teaching disadvantaged kids. Based in the tiny village of Paluato, home to just 480 people of the Mocora tribe, this project aims to improve living circumstances for its residents, who have very limited access to educational resources.

Peru, Cusco –

Childrens education centre

Spend a few weeks in colorful Cusco giving the local kids a hand with their homework, boosting their creativity and giving them a much-needed sense of stability. This project exists to give them a loving learning environment, a brief relief from their daily struggles and kit them out with skills to build a brighter future.