About us

Our Story

We have no other word to describe the past twenty years of our lives. It’s been a real adventure story. We explored South America for several years before turning our passion for travel into a career by founding Global Encounters in Lima in 1997. We started out with great hopes, little money and no clients at all, but with lots of energy and a mad belief that we would be able to build this company and share our passion for South America with other travelers and adventurers.

Year by year, brick by brick, our company grew from a tiny office in a living room, to the company we are now; with six local destination offices. The longer we lived in Latin America, the more aware we became of the social issues and struggles taking place all across this beautiful continent. After building our own business, we decided to support local companies, helping them to succeed by offering advice and guidance.

The projects we have chosen to work with for our volunteers, are all run by incredibly dedicated individuals who have given up a great deal to help others in need, often without any funding or manpower. Their objectives are selfless, their struggle intense and their knowledge profound. The more we learned, the more we wanted to help.

Now, we offer volunteering and student trips that give travelers the chance to make a real difference in Latin America. Our intention – to share with others the incredible experience of discovering Latin America, and to do so with heart, providing unique adventures and authentic experiences.


Our Committment


We value the unique contributions each person makes. We believe in diverse backgrounds, ideas and perspectives and believe by building bridges between our cultures we will learn, understand and essentially become a better person.


By offering volunteering trips all across Latin America, we offer you a chance to travel with real meaning, building brighter futures for local communities and the native wildlife. We make sure that the money spend on your tour stays in the region and improves the lives of others.


Responsible Travel is all about trying to travel in a way that benefits the people who live in the places we visit and by making sure we maximize the positive the impact and minimize the negative impact we have on the environment and landscape.

Our Values

Build open, respectful and honest relationships

We do the right thing, always!

We embrace and drive change

We’ve got your back!

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